After the death of a pet, its advisable to let some of the other adults in your child, or children’s, life know, to be a little extra more aware that this has happened and that your child may be needing some addition attention. Or maybe acting out in different ways. You can do this in the form of just sending a note to the school. Writing a short note to teachers, coaches, scout leaders, religious instructors. You can call them on the phone or let them know in person. The reason that this is advisable, also, that sometimes children are not going to show a lot of distress at home. They may not be talking to you about it. You may kind of wonder “Well boy. Doesn’t seem like its bothering them at all.” Maybe the case they’re just not particularly upset or they are dealing with it in a different way, through play. Or it could be that some of those behaviors or emotions are going to be more manifesting in a different setting outside of the home. So it is very important to let other people, other adults know that are interacting with your child, that they, there could be some more emotional distress. There could be some need for more additional attention, that kind of thing.