Creating a travel scrapbook is a great way of preserving memories from your trips and travels. When creating a travel book, you should feel free to push your creative limits and think outside the box. Here are some ideas that you can use for your scrapbook.

Pictures of Peopleon the beach

Many times the focus of your travels becomes the location you traveled to. You may take lots of pictures of the scenery or sights of your travel destination, which you can include in the scrapbook, but also include pictures of people. Pictures of people in your book will remind you about who you traveled with and how much you enjoyed the vacation with the facial expressions captured. It is also a great way to capture in images the activities that you engaged in during your travels.

Make Notes While Traveling

When you are on your vacation, besides taking loads of pictures, also make a few notes. Many times we forget the minor but meaningful details and writing them down is a great way to ensure you do not forget them. When creating your book, go back to your notes and see if there is anything that you wrote that you want to include in the travel scrapbook.

Embellish with Souvenirs and Memorabilia

Collect little souvenirs and memorabilia during your travels that you can include in your scrapbook. There are no rules to this and depending on the type of trip, you may end up with various things. For example, with a trip to the beach, you can bring back some sand that you use as decoration for your book. If you traveled to a foreign country, you can even use the leftover foreign currency in your scrapbook.

documentsTravel Documents

Keep all your travel passes and documents. These can include airplane, bus or train tickets, boarding passes as well as tickets to cinemas, theaters and museums. You can then select a few that you would like to use in your travel scrapbook.

Number Photographs

You can create a more organized but attractive scrapbook page by numbering each photograph. Write the number in a bold style so that it stands out and then have a box on the page where you have a list of numbers with a description of the picture next to each number.

Different Layouts

You can add a lot of variety to your scrapbook by playing around with and trying different layouts. One popular layout style is a collage. You can create a full page of photographs arranged in a collage with some photographs layered on top of others. Another layout style that you can use in your scrapbook is by printing a few large sized photographs. These can be the focal point of the page and surrounded by other smaller photographs. You can also create a picture frame style layout, where each photograph from your trip has a border and an accompanying caption. Another quirky idea for your scrapbook is to create a corkboard style look, where it looks like the pictures have been pinned to the page. You can accomplish this look with the use of paperclips.

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