Making scrapbooks is not only a creative way of preserving special memories but also a sure way of organizing and presenting photos of family trips/ events to tell a story. Scrapbooking lovers can take their art to the next level by making online scrapbooks of various events to share with family and friends around the world. Many online sites that offer services for making quality scrapbooks for DVD or print also provide options for creating free scrapbooks.

All You Need Is:
a). Digital Photographs
b). Computer
c). Internet access

Steps To Scrapbooking Online

A. Find the correct website:
1. There are many sites that offer scrapbooking services. We have checked them all out, and you can find out top pics here. These sites vary in the number of  pages (at least two) and cost. The cost may range from as little as $10 and up.

Although online scrapboooking may cost you a bit of money, it’s definitely worthwhile because of its flexibility, ease of sharing and it’s lack of mess as compared to the paper scrapbook.

2. If the website requires membership, sign up to have an account. Carefully read the terms and conditions outlined and understand them before signing up for an account.

B. Create the scrapbook
1. Start a brand new scrapbook. Although websites are different from one another, most of them give useful visuals that will help you get started such as a big ” click here to begin” button.

2. Choose a template or design that perfectly matches the kind of project you intend to do.

3. Follow the website’s instructions to upload your photographs into your book.

4. Add captions or any other additional elements onto your page.

5. Once you have finished adding photographs and other details onto your newly made book, carefully read through to ensure there are no typo errors or design mistakes. Make all the necessary adjustments as you read through from the beginning to end.

6. Publish your book following the website’s directions. You can now share your book with your loved ones!


8″ by 8″ Scrapbook Page Ideas:

This are the most important elements of you scrapbooks. The 8″ by 8″ page is ideal for a variety of designs. If you want to highlight one particular photograph, upload it on its own page, that way it will stand out. You can upload multiple photos on one page but do not exceed four, as the page will look congested.

It complements photographs and other memorabilia on the page. Use a straightforward text that explains what is happening on each page.

Clip art and Memorabilia
Add clip arts or memorabilia (e.g. ticket stubs) in collage-like fashion. In magazines, get graphics or photos that matches the message you want to convey on your page. Alternatively include memorabilia that fits on the page e.g. a ticket for an event. Clip arts or memorabilia complements photos or texts, explaining emotions or events captured.

Tips and warnings

a. To ensure that you choose the most appropriate template for your project, review several design templates before making a choice.

b. Review all the site’s options carefully. Some options may require a small fee for saving your project or uploading your photos.

Online scrapboking is truly the simplest and easiest way of preserving and also sharing memories with loved ones around the globe.

The video below is a great tutorial on how to create an online scrapbook.