So you want to learn how to make a scrapbook. We will present for you the whole scrapbooking process, step by step. It is not complicated and even beginners can realize their own by following this guide. The creative process is different for everyone, but there are some basic steps that everybody should take in order to create a good looking scrapbook. You don’t have to follow these steps in the specified order all the time. Sometimes you may jump forward to the journaling portion, other times you may see some inspiring layout and go search the photos that better match it. This guide gives you an overview of the general work flow.

Things You’ll Need

Photo Album
Decorative Items
Construction Paper
Paper with unique designs on it
Laminated sheets for paper protection
12” x 12” paper trimmer
Fine tipped scissor
Cutting mat and craft knife
Colored pencils, crayons,markers, glitter
Scrapbook Punches
Tape or glue
Foam Squares


  • Using other crafts like pop-up stickers, creative paper, and little leaves can enhance your photos. You may also use in your scraps from around your house. In order to get inspiration you can take a look at other photobooks.
  • If you are designing your one as a gift for someone, ensure that it matches their tastes.
  • It may be fun to capture photos of your friends and the places that you go. Keep track of where you went, funny moments, and anything specific that you did. Write down some funny comments and entertaining stories that happened. All these can help when you actually start making the book. You may also cut out of magazines any celebrities you like.

Scrapbooks come in many colors and styles. You can find them at most craft stores, supermarkets, and online stores. However, especially if it’s for a special occasion, it may be more fun to create your own. You can also use scrapbooking kits that include every supply you need to make a layout.


1. Select a set of photos for your scrapbook. Their number depends on the kind of story you want to tell. Sometimes even a single photo can be enough. Other times, you can use a double page layout that fits more than ten photos.paper

2. Choose your patterned papers and card stock. You might use two patterned papers and two card stocks or you may use all card stocks. This is all a matter of preference.

3. Chose a theme. It may be a theme for each and every page or just a theme for the book as a whole. These themes can be specific, such as travel experiences, or they can be general, such as family memories. A general family theme can include various subcategories such as Christmas, family parties, birthdays, a new home, first job, weddings, a new baby, first day at school, graduation, and other special events.

4. Organize your memories and photographs. You can include photos, invitations, programs, movie tickets,party favors, mementos, Albumsand business cards.

5. Choose an album that would match your theme. Think about what size of album you prefer as well as patterns and designs. For example, a little and cute book is more appropriate for a baby theme.

6. Plan and measure carefully a template for your scrapbook. Ensure to keep your page layout uniform and consistent throughout. Elements such as titles and capitations, border designs, and margins should be consistent, while others such as memorabilia shape and size, and photo orientation are variables.

7. Items that are alike should be grouped together onto pages. For instance, group your photos into cohesive units, whether thematically or chronologically. Add anything memorable, such as an entrance wristband, concert tickets or programs, souvenirs, or a membership card. These elements supplement your pictures and help you bring up some additional memories which will make you enjoy the page even more.

8. You can also embellish each page with stickers, chipboard pieces, ribbons, and stamps. You may also write down details about the incidents depicted, Accessoriespoems, stories, memorable quotes and phrases. All these elements will help making your storytelling more vivid.

9. You can also add some fun colors to your scrapbook. Colored ribbons and flowers will embellish your pages. Small amounts of color give life to your pages. However, you need to be aware that too much color can make your pages look over the top and may turn attention off.

Remember, learning how to make a scrapbook is supposed to be fun! Be creative and unique! Nothing you do will be wrong, so don’t worry too much about it! Just remember these 11 tips and you are on your way!

Beginner Map


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