As technological advancements continue to be made, more and more services that were once done on paper have become digital. It’s no wonder, then, that the scrapbooking industry has done the same. Traditional scrapbooks used to be the pinnacle of keeping family and friends’ pictures and memories for years to come, but nowadays, everyone has their pictures on their smartphones or computers. It has more of a hassle to get them printed off.

Everyone should consider going to a digital scrapbook system because it saves time, energy, and money! Users can upload the pictures that they want to preserve and choose different layouts, backgrounds, and decorations without making a trip to the store and dealing with craft supplies. Additionally, digital scrapbooking makes it even easier to share memories with family and friends, no matter their location across the globe – it’s as easy as sending a digital link to the scrapbook.

So where can you begin building your digital scrapbook memories? Here are some great sites:

ShutterflyShutterfly is a very popular online photo service with a digital scrapbook option. Shutterfly's digital scrapbook differs in that instead of creating a memory book for online distribution, users design their scrapbook by uploading pictures and customizing the layout through a website interface, and Shutterfly prints the photobook for you. With this option, you will still have a tangible scrapbook without the hassle of crafting it yourself - Shutterfly will do the work for as low as $12 for the smallest photobook.
Scrap GirlsScrap Girls is also a site, like My Memories, solely dedicated to providing users with digital scrapbook kits, tutorials, and supplies through their "boutique," providing high quality digital materials. This site is similar in price to My Memories and has many "freebies" as well. Users will not be disappointed with the array of customizable templates and styles that Scrap Girls offers to help create their ideal scrapbook.
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My Memories is an online site dedicated solely to providing digital scrapbook materials to users. With this site, users pay for the kits that they want to use for download (often around $4-10 per kit). My Memories has just about every theme imaginable. After the customized scrapbook is complete, users can share a link with friends and family members, similar to Smilebox.
SmileboxSmilebox provides a free, simple download of scrapbooking software for PCs or Macs that allows users to completely customize their digital scrapbook with hundreds of options and preserve their wonderful memories for years to come. After the scrapbook is complete, Smilebox allows you to post a link to your scrapbook on Facebook, email your digital scrapbook, or print it out. Smilebox is a great option because it is easy to use and has tons of customizable features including layouts, patterns, occasions, and textures.

If you or someone that you know enjoys creating these wonderful books the traditional way, maybe it’s time to give digital scrapbooking a try! Memories are now easier to share than ever with a variety of sites across the web. Happy scrapbooking!