In this video, you will learn a great technique on how to take scrapbook templates and duplicate them, while still making each page look completely different.


The idea behind a scrapbook design is that it resembles your theme, meaning what your book is based upon. Associate the designs with things that are natural to the theme of the scrapbook.

Design and Template Tips For:

Adventure Scrapbook

This scrapbook design is ideal for those who have an adventurous spirit and would like to maintain their experiences for longer. It is a scrapbook that should Biking Through Viennaportray a free and open-minded spirit. The design ought to give the sense that the individual associated with it is someone wild and crazy in a way.

Do not limit yourself in any way when designing this one. Imagine yourself conquering those scenes and situations you have always dreamed of, and with that picture in mind, design the scrapbook.

In your designs you can include things like trees, leaves of the jungle, clouds, many bright and shiny colors or even dull ones if you like. The idea is to depict a free spirit. Anything goes with this one.


School Scrapbook

Most people are not in good terms with the idea of school but face it, school does have its moments; which are worth archiving for future laughter when Back To Schoolyou reminisce with friends and whoever your loved ones will be.

It is best to include stuff that are part of everyday school life when designing this one. The pages of the notebook (the single rules lines) are often used here. You can go ahead and add designs that show the pencil shavings or erasers, or you can have a design like a chalkboard. One of the designs that is awesome is a chalkboard that one uses as a notice board; instead of writing on it, you stick your photos to it. Also, the idea of a notice board is a good one. Another idea is that of the classroom ceiling. You can have it like your photos are being stuck to the ceiling of the classroom with pencils – you know, what Bart Simpson would do when he is bored.

Baby’s Scrapbook

Babies wear tiny irresistibly cute socks or tiny caps. These are items you can consider as part of the design for your baby’s scrapbook. Also imagine what the handwriting of a baby would look like, its finger or footprints. Consider also the toys that are bought for babies to soothe them to sleep or play with. All these things are ideas that can immensely assist in coming up with a unique and beautiful design.
You can incorporate this stuff as a cover design of your baby’s scrapbook and also as a design for the inside pages of the scrapbook.


Wedding Scrapbook

Most ladies agree that the wedding day is the single day that every second is worth treasuring. Some women may differ, but they don’t count now and who cares..? Now, to those women who are normal and grasp the value of the D-day, here are the ideas that you can employ in coming up with a delightful scrapbook for your

The bouquet is one of the most beautiful things one can use as decoration for their design. This can go into the pages of the scrapbook. Another wonderful idea is using the wedding cake and flowers, especially the petals that are poured by the flower girls behind the bride as she walks down the aisle.

You can also consider using the ribbons of, say, your gown or table clothes for the wedding. Let your imagination go wild with the designs. Remember, use anything that is in harmony with the theme of the scrapbook. On the off chance that you are part of those lucky ones who had dolphins jump out of the water and say, ‘I do..!’ for you, then no one will crucify you for having dolphins as part of your design.


In whatever scrapbook you decide to create, remember to just keep your designs within the theme of the scrapbook. You do not have to limit yourself to the above categories, you can create a scrapbook about anything and any theme you please. Let your imaginations explode, be inspired and add to the beauty of life.

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