After the demise of Storybook Creator many users are looking for new options available for scrapbooking. Software for digital scrapbooking is usually only one third of the price of Photoshop Elements. For this reason there are many users who prefer this cheaper option. Often the scrapbooking software comes fully integrated with photobook printing as well.


We will review today the software developed by Jen Wright, available at the website My Memories Suite is a digital scrapbooking full featured program that provides you the best solution for how to make a scrapbook from start to finish. The software suite comes at a very affordable price and gives you a quicker and easier way for your scrapbooking projects. My Memories Suite Software has the advantage of versatility because you can use either your own designs as well as those provided by My Memories Suite itself. You will find templates you can use to make your projects easier.

Here are the reasons why you need this high performance scrapbooking software:

· Adjustable canvas sizes

· User friendly

· You can use the software to design more than just layouts; My Memories can be used to create Facebook covers, Photobooks, Craft projects and more.

· You can use within My Memories Suite almost any digital product

· Unlike other editing software, My Memories is easily affordable, coming at a price under $40.

For these reasons, MyMemories Suite is among our favorite online scrapbooking sites on the market. This design tool offers affordable, mess-free  creation in a timely manner. MyMemories Suite stands out in many ways, being highly customizable, user-friendly,providing an organized workspace, and coming with many additional templates and affordable extras.

Even for beginners, My Memories will teach you how to make an online scrapbook from start to finish. And whether you use a template or not, the software will help you create a digital book that is truly your own, because all of its templates are customizable and adjustable. You can rotate items, change the canvas size, adjust layer order or add extras. With this design tool you can create attractive pages in minutes. You can copy and replicate design elements such as flourishes or boxes, move them, resize and rotate them.

You can even create a whole new look by changing the color of template elements. You can also add textures or paper designs to your template items. Basically, with this software you can alter everything on the page. MyMemories Suite includes hundreds of templates, embellishments, and papers, but you can download additional items as well.

This software includes over 1,300 page embellishments, 1,500 paper types, and 30 album templates.

The online design shop offers more than 50,000 downloadable products, including papers, templates, full packages, and embellishments coming from 150 featured designers. Plus numerous free downloads.

Other Benefits:

  • With the color-editing tool you can pick a color and adjust RGB and HSB values.
  • With the gradient tool you can create customized, gradient colors.
  • My Memories software allows you to create text art and add text boxes with its tool called Word Art Designer. This includes a wide range of fonts, from the popular Lucinda Sans and Arial to more sophisticated symbols.
  • You can select fill types and opacity,rotate the text, and adjust stroke width.
  • Beveling effects and shadowing can be also added and
  • Your text can be arranged to display various ways, such as in an upward or downward arc shape.

code: STMMMS24874


MyMemories Suite also include some photo editing tools that allow you to crop images, resize images, reduce red eye, and zoom in and out. With the photo editing tool you can even add image effects such as embossing, mirroring, sepia, black and white.

Features of the Hardcover Photo Book:

  • Personalized front and back cover with a wide choice of layouts and themes
  • Choice of one photo on the front and back, 6 colors, plus text for the cover
  • Each page can include between one and twenty photos
  • Photo Books an include 26 pages
  • You can print on gloss inside paper and a cover of coated satin

Features of the Double Page Calendar:

  • You can add text even to individual calendar dates
  • You can customize each month with different photos
  • Can upload multiple photos at the same time
  • Upload images from Facebook or from your desktop
  • Choose any starting month or year
  • Document size is approximately A3

MyMemories Suite online scrapbook provides several sharing options. You can print your creations with your printer, or use the professional printing service provided on the website and choose from leather bound books, softcover, or hardcover.

You can create greeting cards, albums, calendars, trading cards, or export them as PDF, PNG, SVG or JPEG.

The software is easy to use and provides useful help pages that can ease your learning curve. The basic functions such as changing colors, adding images, or importing and exporting images are straightforward. The right click option provides great functionality for adjusting layers, grouping separate layers, edit image properties, and more.

My Memory Suite ‘Pros’

There are many pros to using My Memory Suite software:

  • Website is easy to use
  • Good quality
  • No software to download
  • Images saved in easy to navigate albums
  • Option to upload images from your desktop or from Facebook
  • Option to save your work and come back later
  • Well priced and affordable

My Memory Suite ‘Cons’

Luckily, we didn’t find many cons to this software! The only thing that can maybe be improved upon is the fact that you can’t view layout options and photos at the same time, which can slightly slow down the process.

Overall, MyMemories Suite is an extremely useful online scrapbook software with a well design user interface and many features provided. This intuitive tool has everything you need for your digital projects.Your options to customize and alter the templates are endless. The bottom line is that this scrapbooking software is a pleasure to work with and we greatly recommend it.


code: STMMMS24874

(Free trial available!)


Below is an extremely helpful introductory tutorial on how to use My Memories Suite Software.